With only twenty-four hours in a day and 126 TV channels to watch, life these days is all about fast kicks for shrinking attention spans. It’s about switching from Amusement drum pads online to Zen, and changing from Attacker to Zombie. About’s music is nothing less than a soundtrack to this chaos, taking things even further into extremes.

About is actually all about 26 year old kid Rutger Hoedemaekers. His band is leading its own rock’n’roll life… in his head. They’re doing all the sex & drugs stuff, while Rutger is doing v-drums the dirty work of spending twenty-four-seven in his attic room filled with computers, samplers, guitars, a trumpet and the likes.

About’s music is NOT a melting pot of different styles. It’s actually a dozen styles, taking turns in one and the same song. About zaps from sweetly sung verses with fucked-up beats to pop choruses with a laidback hip hop attitude. This may appear far-fetched to the outsider, but having been both a techno best entry level electronic drum set DJ and local brass band member things couldn’t sound more logical to Rutger.

VPRO radio on Balgentraeder (in Dutch):

“Collage van (akoestische) gitaren, ranzige elektronica,   en lucht (de heren houden namelijk van orgeltjes met veel valse lucht). Verder kunnen de liedjes alle kanten opgaan; van groots en sfeervol via zeventiger jaren (met jinglebells!) tot over de kop getrokken folk liedjes. Alsof je naar een aantal nummers tegelijk luistert, deze track. Een tijdsloze pianoriedel met de melancholie van bijvoorbeeld de begintune van Hillstreet Blues wordt ‘verstoord’ door een moeilijk op gang te lijken komen drumcomputer (of andersom natuurlijk). Tussendoor worden we ook nog eens om de oren geslagen met een over de kop getrokken chemical beat. Maar temidden van deze chaos ontstaat plotseling een melodietje, zo mooi en eenvoudig, dat je het keer op keer blijft draaien. En zoals ze zelf zeggen; het gaat om de momenten.”

(Okkie Bult, April 11th 2002)

In the new homestead in Berlin recordings for the new About album have already started. A little less experimentation, more poppy songs, interesting guests from all around the planet, and some drum throne reviews good old fun are the key ingredients for the months to come. The coffee maker is working overtime and the neighbors have been warned!

With support shows for The Fratellis and 30 Seconds To Mars (Jared!) under our belts we’re heading back to the other side of the water for that festival of all festivals: South By at2020 audio technica Southwest! We’ll be setting up camp in Austin, Texas for a few days before traveling west to play more shows. On Wednesday March 14 we’ll be performing in Austin twice: at Friends on 208 East 6th Street at 3:00 PM, and at Beauty Bar on 617 East 7th Street at 10:00 PM. Check the Live section for more details.

While we’re on the subject of those United States, last time we were there we recorded a studio session for Daytrotter.com – a great website run by an even greater group of people from Rock Island, Illinois. The About session was finally put online this week, along with an interview that can be found here. You can download the whole session right here, but be sure to check out the other great features on there!

Immediately after the New York show on March 19 Rutger will be kidnapped by Amsterdam-based hell-raising brats Voicst to do programming and production on their second album sm7b price, a musical frenzy led by Interpol producer Peter Katis in his Connecticut studio. To keep track of all the mishaps between March and May check the Voicst website!

The main reason for going missing in action over the past months has been the new Voicst album, “A Tale Of Two Devils”, set for release early next year. During the two months of recording with Peter Katis (Interpol, The National) in New York, Bridgeport and San Diego Rutger has been slaving over synth programming, horn arrangements and production. Either check out a snippet right here, or simply wait for it… it’s all good!

This week About will be supporting The Fratellis on their Dutch dates in Haarlem and Amsterdam! Both are completely sold out, but Haarlem is on the calendar again only days later best microphone wireless for a show with C-Mon & Kypski. You could easily say that city is our home away from home! Go and check the Live section for details.

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